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Everyone has different flexibility levels – and that’s normal! But does this fact ever stop you from fully participating in (or participating at all) in flexibility exercises or yoga classes? When the instructor asks you to touch the floor or extend your leg, do you think “yeah right!”. We get that and want to introduce you to some great and affordable tools you can use to help make a mobility or yoga session more comfortable. 

The pack we are talking about today is available on Amazon and comes complete with two yoga blocks and a strap. 

The Yoga blocks can shorten the distance between your body and the floor to help make your moves and poses easier and more comfortable. 

The yoga strap can not only provide great assistance for you to hold the poses longer with comfort, but also can increase the flexibility of your body, reducing the risk of pulled muscles and other injuries. 
Click here to find these awesome tools to take your next mobility session or Yoga class to the next level