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Need a drink to stay hot or cold?! Want to take that drink on the go? Yeti tumblers are the way to go! 

So we know these are not easy on the wallet, BUT to be honest, we’ve tried to go the knock off brand / less expenseive route countless times – spending $10-$20 or so on a “good” water to-go coffee mug or water bottle, and over the course of us avoiding the higher price tag of an actual Yeti, we have defintely spent WAY more! The knock offs and cheaper options just don’t last! They fall apart the first time you wash them, or the lid leaks, or the beverage dosen’t stay insulated, etc etc etc. 

So, when we finally broke down and purchased our first real Yeti tumbler a whole new world openend up! They are so durable and last forever – so while we may have spent a little more up front, we know we aren’t going to have to buy another one maybe ever! 

You can typically catch Coach Beth with a Yeti cup on any given day. No matter if she’s having coffee or water, she typically has her favorite Yeti cup with her. Coach Emily has both a Yeti tumbler for her coffee and a large water bottle with a handle that she never leaves home without. 

A few perks of a Yeti tumbler include: 

  • It doesn’t sweat! No wet hands, dripping moisture, or rings left on surfaces. 
  • It’s dishwasher safe! 
  • They’re double-wall insulated so your drink still keeps its temperature for hours!
  • You can find Yeti tumblers in a number of places! Amazon, Academy or Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lowe’s and of course Yeti’s website. 

 You can really put anything in a Yeti tumbler – coffee, water, sparkling waters, wine, smoothies, the list goes on!

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