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Another program highlight! This time we are sharing Day 1 of our Tittie Rehab- Chest Focused Program, which is part of our Total Body Love series. 

For my ladies out there – here is why this program is so important for YOU. 
Is gravity taking its toll on your tatas? Well, this has a lot to do with the fact that as a society it’s been instilled in us since puberty that we need to wear a bra to support our growing breasts. While this may be true (possibly debatable), what it also did was make you reliant on that bra and you never strengthened the muscles needed to hold them up on their own!  So, now if you remove that bra, they fall to your knees. Well, enter Tittie Rehab to help you begin to strengthen those muscles to assist in lifting your girls up and to define that area giving you beautiful definition & elevating your cleavage. 

And for my ittie bittie ladies out there, this holds true for you as well! By working the muscles in your chest you will lift & perk up your breasts while also creating definition and a look of shapely cleavage when struttin’ a low cut top!

There are 3 different training types that we use for the chest workouts each week – one day is hypertrophy, another strength and the third is a strength/endurance combo. All of the total body workouts are hypertrophy based. 

This chest specialization program is designed with intermediate – advanced gym-goers in mind. While this program has an emphasis on the chest, it does not dismiss the rest of your body. This program includes a total body workout each week that assists in maintaining your other muscle groups in the development of Total Body Love.

Now, get to work with your free sample of Tittie Rehab below and get ready to burn those bras! (I’m kidding…but not really haha!)

Tittie Rehab (Chest Specialization) – Day 1 (hypertrophy)

Barbell Incline Bench Press– 3 sets x 8-10 reps (Rest 90 sec between sets)

3 sets (super set)
Single Arm Dumbbell Chest Press –  8-10 reps 
Seated External Shoulder Rotation – 8-10 reps
(Rest 60 sec between sets, then repeat new set)

3 sets (super set)
Cable Standing Lower Fly –  8-10 reps 
Cable Face Pulls – 8-10 reps
(Rest 60 sec between sets, then repeat new set)

Interested in more? Would you like video demonstrations for the listed exercises? How about weekly accountability? Tittie Rehab, along with our other programs are delivered via the AB’s Fitness App that includes all of the above, access to our exclusive fitness community where you can ask us questions, share your progress and more! 
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