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It can be a difficult task finding the perfect sports bra. Just like shorts and leggings, there’s all types of brands, styles, support (or lack thereof), and price tags. We’ve put together two of our faves, so be sure to save these the next time you need to purchase a new sports bra!

The Ultimate Bra by Athleta –  This sports bra is meant for running other HIIT cardio, and medium impact training. It costs around $49.  Use discount code CAMOLOVE for 20% off your next order — expires July 31.

Free to be Serene Bra by Lululemon– This sports bra is sweat-wicking, breathable, and feels cool to the touch. It costs around $52.

Both of these sports bras tend to have great coverage, optional padding, awesome support for all different breast sizes and shapes, and the band around the rib cage stretches really well for the girls with big lats – like Coach Beth!