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An Online Fitness Community for every BODY


We are an online fitness community for every BODY, no matter where you’re located or what stage in your health and fitness journey. We provide and promote a safe and welcoming place for people at all fitness levels, all working toward a common goal of changing their lives in a positive way by fitting health and fitness into their lifestyle. 

Why we started AB's Fitness ONLINE

Beth and Emily started offering their clients at-home live workouts during the worldwide pandemic. Because community is so important in your fitness journey, bringing clients together during this difficult time via an online fitness community was even more important.

This is when AB’s Fitness Online came to life. Beth and Emily have wanted to have an online community for a while, and this quarantined time presented them with this opportunity. They want to make living a healthy lifestyle not only affordable but easy to do in the comfort of your own home. The AB’s Fitness Online Community is an active and safe community for all walks of life. 

Their vision for a healthy lifestyle involves balance in all aspects of your life. They want to encourage you to embrace your body in all stages, whether you are losing weight, gaining weight, post-partum, or just figuring out who you are. The days of six pack abs and size 2 jeans are out, and the living your best life and learning how to self-love is in! Let them help you become your best version of you, and join a community all reaching for the same goal. 

LIVE – Virtual Classes

Join our virtual, coach-led LIVE Group workouts from the comfort of your own home. These workouts require little-to-no-equipment and are great for all fitness levels. We offer these three days a week, splitting the days between Upper Body, Lower Body, and a combo Total Body HIIT/Mobility Stretching. All classes are recorded & shared so you can access them on your own time if you are unable to make the class live. 


Our Online Community is for every BODY. No matter what stage in your health and fitness journey you’re in, you will be a part of an active and safe community that is working toward similar goals. Membership to our online community is included with any LIVE membership, BURN Program purchase or Personal Coaching package. 

Burn – Workout Programs

Our BURN Programs are 6-weeks with options for 3 days/week or 4 days/week. We offer home workouts, gym workouts or a combination of both. These programs are about so much more than just workouts! Each program goes along with our BURN core values: Balance, Unity (Community), Reality, and Nature and every week we provide a new focus and journal prompts that correspond to each of these weekly focus points.  



UplifT + Inspire + Encourage

Ab’s Fitness online

An Online Fitness Community for every BODY

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