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These towels are AMAZING and can be used for anything and everything! They fold up super small, so they are easy to transport making them ideal for a gym bag, camping or travel. They are also super absorbent, dry extremely fast and made with Polygeine odor control to keep the towel smelling fresh longer! They come in multiple sizes, so you can choose depending on your specific needs. We have them in multiple sizes because we use them for so many things!

Things you can use these towels for:

  • Lay it over gym equipment to protect yourself from germs
  • Use it after your gym shower and it’ll be dry (or almost dry) by the time you get back to your car! 
  • Use it as a sweat towel during during your workout
  • Yoga towel to protect your mat from getting too slippery when sweating. 
  • Take it camping, to the beach, or any type of travel. 
  • Throw it in your day bag to always be prepared.
  • Great for use with dogs too!

There are many types of these towels out there, but the Pack Towel  is one that we use and love! 

Drop us a comment and let us know how you use your quick-dry towels