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Coach Emily has recently discovered a new plant-based protein that she has fallen in love with – Empact Trim Down Shake. So much that she even worked out a code to give y’all 10% off when you order – Use code ABSFITNESS10 at check out! Empact Trim Down Shake

(They have REALLY good bars as well which I’ll be talking about in a future blog soo, so stay tuned)

More from Coach Emily-

Empact Trim Down Shake has risen to the top of my favorite things quickly! A big reason for that is the ingredients. As you can see from the infographic below, this protein powder is not only made up of clean/natural ingredients, but they all also serve a rich nutritional purpose packed with beneficial micronutrients, BCAAs, fiber, antioxidants and more. Empact Trim Down Shake is SO much more than just another protein powder! 

The second reason I like this protein so much is the taste! Now, I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, at first I mixed it with only water and I did not like it- it was tolerable, but not great. However, I don’t like ANY protein powder when it’s only been mixed with water, so this wasn’t a surprise…and trust me when I say I’ve tasted 100s of types of protein powders (plant-based and non) over my years in the fitness industry! The only reason I even did this was for the sake of this review for y’all…You’re welcome 😉