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Booty Bounce

BOOTY BOUNCE  Price: $19.99 This Glute & Leg focused program is 30 days long, roughly 5 weeks, and includes scheduled rest days. It is designed with intermediate – advanced gym-goers in mind, and is not recommended as a beginner program. While this program has an emphasis on building the booty & legs, it also aids in a stronger core. This program can be a used as solo program, or as a supplement to level- up another training program – for example, this is a great supplement to the AB’s Fitness weekly virtual classes. You could also add it to a running program to help give your legs more power or to tone & shape your booty for dance classes! 
  • 30 day program
  • Scheduled rest days
  • Gym access recommended
  • Access workouts anywhere with AB’s Fitness Training App
  • In app video demos for each exercises
  • Weekly messages from your coaches
  • Detailed Instructions included
  • Invitation to our exclusive AB’s Fitness Online Community