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As fitness coaches and lovers, one of our favorite things to help us stay accountable is a fitness watch! Now, there are tons of fitness watches out there! Coach Beth, Coach Emily T, and Coach Emily C all have Apple Watches personally. But many of their clients have other brands! 

The top 3 brands of fitness watches we recommend: 

  • Apple Watch – typically you would be an iPhone user in order to wear an Apple Watch, because they pair together. The Apple watch tracks tons of types of workouts from Walking, Hiking, Strength Training, HIIT, Paddle Boarding, Rowing, and so much more. It tracks your heart rate, steps, stand goals, calories burned, and sleep. They’re water resistant
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch – typically used with Samsung phone users. Ths fitness watch has Auto Workout Tracking to help you stay motivated. It also has real-time ECG Monitoring that gives readings about your heart rate. It manages your overall sleep too! 
  • Garmin Fitness Watches – they have different styles but what’s great is the Garmin watch doesn’t discriminate on the type of phone you have! The fitness tracking apps include custom and built-in workouts. For additional health tracking and reminders, those include: heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, energy levels, stress, women’s menstruations, hydration, sleep and breathing. 

If you’re looking to take your fitness accountability to the next level, having a great fitness tracking watch can really help. Fitness watches are not completely necessary to see results but they can help you track a lot of information about your body! 

Apple Watch

Samsung Watch

Garmin Watch