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Stay prepared & on track!

Part of maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle is being prepared. Creating a routine of meal prepping for the week and packing food for lunch/school or wherever life may take you is a crucial part of that preparation. 

There are A TON of options out there when it comes to meal prep containers and bags, but we really like this all-inclusive option, especially for those just starting out with prepping & packing food on the daily.

If you’d prefer to piece it together, here are a few things we recommend in a good meal prep bag or container:

  • Lids with a tight fit / snap lids work great!
  • Different size containers for various meal types – snacks vs full meals
  • Enough space for at least 2 containers, a drink and your utensils/napkins
  • Insulation to keep everything cool 
  • Flat ice packs (Amazon Link)
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