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Yes, bread! We recently discovered this amazing, low carb / low calorie BREAD and absolutely love it!

I was skeptical at first  when I saw Sola bread the grocery store shelf – a low carb bread?! Okay, but does it taste good?? I took the chance, bought it and immediately made myself a my favorite sandwich (PB&J) when I got home to test it out. It was delicious!!  Of course I immedately called Beth to share this awesome news and she quickly bought her own and shared in my excitement of how delisous it was and now we want to share our new favorite thing with all of you!

This is a great option for those currently working with lower overall macros, and more specifically, working with lower carbs. Currently, Beth and I are in prep for a bikini competition, which means our overall calories are significantly reduced, including the amount of carbs we are eating- especially as we get closer to the competition date. So the discovery of this bread was perfect timing because we can now still incorporate sandwiches into our prep life without having to sacrifice all of our allotted carbs for it! 

What’s also wonderful about this specialty bread is that you don’t need to travel to a specialty store to find it!   I found it sitting on the shelf of our local grocery store, in the bread aisle. Check out all the stores it can be found in here — 

They offer 4 different varieties, so far we’ve only tried out the “Sweet & Buttery” style, but I’m sure the others are equally fantastic and we look forward to trying them out soon. 

Did you buy the bread? We’d love to know what you think- drop us a comment on our social media pages and let us know!

BONUS: In the process of writing this blog I discovered that this brand makes more than just sliced bread! They have bagels, hamburger buns and granola too! Have you tried any of their other products? Tell us about them! 

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