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Stryve Biltong (AKA Jerky  wink )

Coach Emily recently went on a 10-day road / camping trip through SW Colorado. Because this trip was taken during her prep for her recent competition, she really had to stay on point with her food choices. At the recommendation of AB’s Fitness client, Leanne, she got some bags of Stryve to take on the road with her and she’s so happy she did! They not only kept her on track, they made for the perfect road trip snack food!! 

They offer quite a few flavors, and all of them are delicious. Emily brought the original and the teriyaki with her and loved every bite! Leanne has tried more flavors and loves them all!

Stryve is moist and has just the right amount of chewiness. The flavor pops and it is incredibly satisfying. It’s also made with clean ingredients, zero  sugar and packs a protein punch at 16g per 1 oz!

Check if out here → 

Have you had it? Let us know what you think!

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