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Sticking with our self-care theme for this week’s Our Favorite Things, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite meditation apps, Insight Timer. 

Using this app has been helpful to us in learning how to incorporate meditation & mindfulness into our wellness routines.  And incorporating meditation and mindfulness into our wellness routines has been extremely beneficial to our overall health and quality of life. It has improved sleep, mood, recovery, our communication & ability to process emotions and so much more! 

The app comes in both a free and paid version. One of our favorite features is that the free version is still very robust with over 100,000 free guided meditations!

Insight Timer offers music for sleep, live yoga classes, meditation, breathing exercises and more. They have single sessions or courses that are anywhere from 3 days to weeks long.  The sessions range in style and some examples include coping with anxiety, focus for work, self-love, and gratitude. They also have a wide-range of time options, from 1min to over an hour!

Stay tuned for a more in-depth blog on the benefits of meditation & tips for how to incorporate it into your wellness routines coming soon!

In the meantime, check out Insight Timer here and get your zen on.

Insight Timer App