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Glutes Focused Gym Workout:

Similar to last week, today’s workout is taken straight from Coach Emily’s current program. As a reminder from last week, she is coming off of competition prep and working her way back into heavy strength training with a big focus on building muscle and shape in her lower body. As part of her program, she has 2 heavy gym days – one quad focused & one glute focused. Today, we are sharing her glute focused program.


Make sure you adequately warm up and don’t start counting the sets until you’ve hit your working weight. 

What’s a good working weight? It should be difficult but doable, a weight that leaves about 2-3 reps in the tank- so you’re not training to failure, but it’s not super easy either.   

Finally, mind the rest periods! The weight should be heavy and somewhat challenging, so that rest will be crucial to optimize your performance. 


Gym Workout – Glute Focused

  1. Barbell Hip Thurst – 3×8 reps – Rest 90sec – 2 minutes between sets
  2. Barbell Straight Leg Deadlift – 3×8 reps per leg- Rest 90sec between sets
  3. Machine Leg Curl – 3×8 reps- Rest 90sec between sets
  4. Smith Machine Reverse Lunges – 3×8 reps per leg- Rest 90sec between sets
  5. Leg Press (Feet wide stance & High)- 3×8 reps- Rest 90sec between sets

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