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Lifting grips are a great tool to add to your gym bag! They are especially useful when it comes to hitting heavier weights or higher rep ranges on back focused exercises, such as lat pull downs or bent over rows or on lower body movements such as dumbbell lunges or barbell RDLs.  They assist your grip strength so that you do not have to drop the weight when your forearms start to ache, and can continue to lift heavy, staying focused on the muscles working and not on losing your grip!

There are a lot of different kinds of lifting straps / grip aids out there, but Versa Grips are our favorite and we have been using them for years now. They are made of high quality materials that stay in good shape through 1000s of hours of use in the gym. They can be a little hard to get used to using at first, but as they break in, they start to mold to your hand and become super useful.

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