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On this week’s edition of Our Favorite Things we wanted to highlight one of our favorite workout programs called Leg Love, which is available through our AB’s Fitness Training App. 

We love the focus this program gives to the glutes and legs while not neglecting other aspects of the physique. 

The program is best suited for a gym setting and dedicates 3 days per week to your lower body, with a 4th day that focuses on upper body strength training. Each week offers something a bit different, featuring training methods such as drop sets, double drop sets, negatives, AMRAPs & burn outs – it’ll keep you on your toes and you definitely won’t get bored! 

It consists of lower rep ranges making the primary focus on building muscle and strength. It is a great way to start building a solid foundation for your legs but also great to re-visit whenever you feel your legs need a little extra LOVE. It’s one we have re-visited several times over the course of our training history!

Also, because this program is hosted on the AB’s Fitness App, all of the exercises include demonstration videos, so you can be certain you always know how to do the prescribed movement! In addition, you will have tools for tracking your progress, body stats, nutrition and more via the app- which you can of course take anywhere with you!

Best part is, we offer this 4-week program for only $19.99! So, what are you waiting for?

Give your legs some LOVE!4-Week Leg Love Program

Wanna see what other programs we offer? Check out our Shop page where you can sort our programs by gym, at-home workout, custom or coach led.


Our Favorite Leg Love Program is availble on the AB’s Fitness App – check out some of the app’s features in the image below!

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