Empower 24/7: Bronze Membership

Bronze Membership

Price: $45/month

This monthly membership program includes access to 3 live, coach led, virtual workouts each week and on demand, coach led video workouts you can do whenever you choose.


  • Access to training app.
  • Scheduled workouts – coach led, live and on demand.
  • In app exercise video demonstrations.
  • Track your body stats and upload progress photos
  • Connect MyFitnessPal and track your nutrition
  • On Demand Videos include 4 Upper Body, 4 Lower Body , 4 HIIT+Mobility, 4 HIIT Only & 4 Mobility Only (For when you are short on time)
  • Coach-Led / Live Workouts via Zoom 3x per week, offering 1 Upper Body Day, 1 Lower Body Day, 1 HIIT & Mobility Day.
  • Access to members only Chat Group and Community Site.
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