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We’re moving into colder weather and for those that workout in gyms without climate control (think garage gyms) or those that don’t want to give up outdoor workouts, like running, cycling or yoga in the park; it’s time to start stocking up on gear to keep you warm! 

To kick off our cold weather suggestions, this week we are highlighting the Momentum long sleeve from Athleta. This is one of Coach Emily’s favorite long sleeve tops for cold weather workouts for multiple reasons. It fits snugly, almost compression like, so it doesn’t bunch up or get in the way. It’s virtually seamless, and soft so chafing isn’t an issue. It’s also made of  material that still breathes while keeping you warm. All of this is great, and also available in other shirts, but the ultimate reason this shirt rocks is that is made or, what they call “iconic+” material, which has antimicrobial properties that eliminate odor before it sticks to the fabric – meaning you can wear it more and wash it less! The un-stink technology is seriously amazing!


Check out the Momentum from Athlete HERE


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