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Coach Emily doesn’t like to cook and is always looking for quick and easy, healthy and delicious, meal options. So, while we could certainly give you a homemade recipe for healthy Chicken & Waffles, (and we will once Coach Beth types one up, because let’s be honest, she’s the Betty Crocker of this bunch) this super easy and fast alternative using store bought chicken strips and Kodiak Cake mix is perfect for those of you that want to just get to eating without all the prep work and other “cooking” bits.

We use store bought frozen chicken strips- a brand such as the Applegate Farms Gluten Free Chicken Strips is a great and healthy option. For the waffles, we like to use Kodiak Cake mix, which provides a bit of extra protein and a clean ingredient list. To keep it lower in calories, we will use Walden Farms zero calorie syrup, but you can certainly add whatever toppings you would like to make it uniquely yours!


Makes 1 serving

3oz Applegate farms Gluten Free Chicken Tenders (or similar) 

½ cup Kodiak Cake mix 

Additional toppings of choice


Cook chicken strips according to package directions. (For extra crispy strips, use an air fryer.)

Using a waffle iron, cook Kodiak cakes per package directions. 

Serve with syrup or toppings of your choice! 


CALORIES: 360 | PROTEIN: 27g | CARBOHYDRATES: 47g | FAT: 8g | FIBER: 5g | SUGAR: 4g

Notes: Above nutrition reflects water used for Kodiak cake waffles. Keep in mind that the listed nutrition info will change as you alter this recipe.