BURN Program

A 6-week Program focused on four core aspects needed in your health and fitness journey – Balance, Unity, Reality, & Nature (BURN). Program options include gym & at-home workouts, tracking log, goal setting worksheet, journal, access to our exclusive online community & more!


“The 6-Week Burn hosted by Emily and Beth provided a great way to get myself organized, to be part of a community of other folks with the same challenge in front of them, and a platform to access Emily and Beth, other members of the community, and the programming itself.  The attention to all facets of getting into shape were included, and all on one spreadsheet, so I could see/track my progress through the program, and make adjustments as I needed to.  I am grateful for the emphasis on participation and self-awareness rather than competition.  I am taking much of what I learned from this process forward in keeping a commitment to exercise, strength and overall good health.  Thanks!! “


The BURN program is amazing!!!! Unlike so many other “6 week programs” out there, this one is incredibly empowering. So many have the connotation of, “You need me, you can’t/won’t succeed without me, you won’t succeed without being on this program,” etc. Beth and Emily’s program is completely different. This program gives YOU the power and the tools to succeed, and to succeed beyond the end of the six weeks. Beth and Emily are there to support you along the way and help you develop habits and routines that will LAST. And the community that you develop with the other participants is unmatched. It’s so nice to feel like you are part of a family and community that is all cheering for and supporting each other, especially in the times that we are currently living in. No matter where you are in life, in fitness, in health, definitely jump into the BURN program. You’ll be so glad you did! I definitely am!


If you are looking for a great resources for fitness and nutrition you need to look no further than ABs Fitness.  You will learn how to be successful while still being able to live “normal” life.  You learn to listen to your body and eat what is right for you.  You also learn to strengthen your body and will see positive changes with people who encourage you every step of the way.  Getting your mind, body and spirit all in the best shape of your life.


Emily and Beth are a dynamic duo of fitness fun and their energy is contagious! They bring people together with their vibrant personalities and build their clients up to become stronger and better versions of themselves! I am so grateful to have had the ABS Fitness online workouts and our awesome workout team!. Having some accountability with this group gives me motivation to get up and move, and I always feel better after! I feel like Emily and Beth meet people where they’re at in their health and fitness journey.  They help everyone feel welcome and cheer us on every step of the way. Thanks to ABS Fitness, I feel physically stronger than I ever have, and they’ve helped me to stay focused on my fitness goals.”



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