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The weather is changing, it’s time to get outside and explore the great outdoors!

I don’t know about you, but these beautiful spring days make me want to bask in all of  the beauty nature has to offer. Finding new hiking or biking adventures is one of our favorite ways to do this. 

We like to use an app called “All Trails” to discover new trails in our area and new adventures while we are on vacation. The app features hiking, running and biking trails all from all over the world! So it’s also a great tool for exploring no matter where you are. 

And it’s FREE! It does have a paid, pro option with additional features, but we’ve been using the free edition for several years now and are very happy with it.

Check it out here →

We’d love to hear about your adventures or if you have any apps you enjoy using to explore the great outdoors! Leave us a comment below.