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Another one of our favorite cooking inventions- The Air Fryer! Who doesn’t love some good ole’ fried chicken? We do! And who cringes at the thought of how much fat you’re consuming when you take that first bite? Now you don’t have to! An Air Fryer is perfect for when you’re craving some fried food but don’t want the extra calories. You can still enjoy all the rich flavors of deep fried cooking, without the oil, grease and mess. You’ll still get perfect, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside results! But the Air Fryer isn’t just for fried chicken! You can put all your favorite yummy foods in there to crisp them up. 

Here’s a list of other options you can use the Air Fryer for!

  • Potatoes – dice them up and make ’em crispy, or slice them & make some chips!
  • Fries – French, curly, waffle, sweet potato, etc.
  • Fish & other seafood
  • Bacon – who doesn’t love crispy bacon!?
  • Doughnuts – what? Make them protein doughnuts and count us in!

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