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Resistance bands are one of the quickest and most affordable ways to level up your home training game. They are also easy to pack up and take anywhere! We are a fan of the variety packs available on Amazon. These packs come with several different resistance weight options, different attachments for various exercises and a carrying case. Here is the link to the pack pictured below → Amazon Resistance Bands

The resistance bands we reference in the link above actually include some mini-bands as well that can be used for glute activation, however we prefer using the fabric style bands, like the ones pictured below, because they do not roll up or down! They also tend to last longer because they are made of thick fabric. We will typically use these in warm ups and sometimes during an actual workout. Again, they are very affordable and come with three different levels of bands.  Amazon Booty Bands

Once you get your bands, be sure to put them to use with our virtual workout options!