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Here is a sample from one of our newest programs. Adore Your Core is a 30 day core focused program that is a great supplement to an existing program or as a stand alone product. Snag your 30-day program today for 10% off with code ADOREYOURCOREBLOG (Offer expires May 3) Today’s workout is Day 2 of Adore Your Core. Complete the below circuit for 3 full rounds resting for 30 seconds between rounds. 3 Rounds Mountain Climbers x 60 reps total Russian Twists x 50 reps total Sit Ups x 40 reps Burpees x 30 reps Inchworm Walk x 20 reps Hip Dip x 10 reps per side Rest for 30 sec and repeat new round Rest for 60 sec after completing the above 3 rounds then perform the below until failure. 1 Round Elbow Plank – hold as long as you can! Interested in more? Would you like video demonstrations for the listed exercises? How about weekly accountability? Adore Your Core along with our other programs are delivered via the AB’s Fitness App that includes all of the above and more! Check out all of our AB’s Fitness App Based programs here!