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Here’s a quick, 10 minute workout comprised of 4 circuits, each containing exercises to be performed in 1-minute intervals. 

You may rest as needed between circuits or challenge yourself and attempt it in a straight through format! 

Set your timer and GO!

4 Minutes

1 min Dumbbell Thrusters 

1 min Renegade Row + Push up

1 min Alt Reverse Lunge + Bicep Curl

1 min Hip Bridge Hold + Chest Press

3 Minutes

1 min Single Leg Deadlift (30 sec each leg)

1 min Single Arm Tricep Kickback (30 sec each arm)

1 min Alt Side Lunges

2 Minutes

1 min Dumbbell Hollow Hold Extension to Knee Tuck

1 min Side Plank (30 sec each side)

1 Minute

1 min Burpees

Want more? Recover  for 1-2 minutes and Repeat 2-3 times!


Interested in more? Would you like video demonstrations for the listed exercises? How about weekly accountability? Our programs are delivered via the AB’s Fitness App that includes all of the above, access to our exclusive fitness community where you can ask us questions, share your progress and more! 

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Save the photo below to take this workout with you!

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