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LIVE – Virtual Classes

Join our virtual, coach-led LIVE Group workouts from the comfort of your own home. These workouts require little-to-no-equipment and are great for all fitness levels. We offer these three days a week, splitting the days between Upper Body, Lower Body, and a combo Total Body HIIT/Mobility Stretching. All classes are recorded & shared so you can access them on your own time if you are unable to make the class live. 


Our Online Community is for every BODY. No matter what stage in your health and fitness journey you’re in, you will be a part of an active and safe community that is working toward similar goals. Membership to our online community is included with any LIVE membership, BURN Program purchase or Personal Coaching package. 

Burn – Workout Programs

Our BURN Programs are 6-weeks with options for 3 days/week or 4 days/week. We offer home workouts, gym workouts or a combination of both. These programs are about so much more than just workouts! Each program goes along with our BURN core values: Balance, Unity (Community), Reality, and Nature and every week we provide a new focus and journal prompts that correspond to each of these weekly focus points.  



Emily and Beth are a dynamic duo of fitness fun and their energy is contagious! They bring people together with their vibrant personalities and build their clients up to become stronger and better versions of themselves! I am so grateful to have had the ABS Fitness online workouts and our awesome workout team!. Having some accountability with this group gives me motivation to get up and move, and I always feel better after! I feel like Emily and Beth meet people where they’re at in their health and fitness journey.  They help everyone feel welcome and cheer us on every step of the way. Thanks to ABS Fitness, I feel physically stronger than I ever have, and they’ve helped me to stay focused on my fitness goals.”


“I have been on a fitness journey for awhile, however, I kept falling off track.  Once I joined the ABs Fitness team I have been able to join a community that helps me stay on track and they keep me motivated to continue on my journey.  They have taught me to not look at my missteps as failures but as lessons I learn from for the future. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive and knowledgeable fitness team.  Thank you ABs Fitness for continuing to be patient while I grow in my fitness knowledge.”



UplifT + Inspire + Encourage

Ab’s Fitness online

An Online Fitness Community for every BODY

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